Filling Teacher Vacancies

Teacher shortages have long been a challenge for educational institutions. With Britestar’s innovative blended learning model, this challenge becomes an opportunity.

The Britestar Solution

We promptly address staffing needs by providing fully trained virtual teachers. Whether it’s the beginning of a new academic year or in response to unforeseen vacancies, Britestar ensures a seamless transition with full-time teachers ready to deliver exceptional virtual instruction.

student coming into school with a mask for remote learning

How does it work?

At Britestar, we specialize in hiring and training credentialed virtual teachers who seamlessly integrate into your physical classroom environment. Paired with a teacher’s aide provided by your school, our virtual teachers ensure academic success for all students.

What does the classroom look like?

At Britestar, students engage with our live virtual teachers through their computers or tablets, while a dedicated teacher’s aide supports them in the physical classroom, catering to technology requirements and classroom management. Our flexible approach allows for multiple grades to simultaneously thrive within a single classroom setting, benefiting from the assistance of the same teacher’s aide.

Student Success

Through our innovative approach, students learning in this model are thriving. Our statistics demonstrate that they consistently outperform their counterparts in traditional classrooms, particularly in major subjects.

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Today, Britestar proudly extends its offerings to Private Christian Schools and Charter schools, providing high-quality virtual Christian education options. Join us in shaping the future of education, where quality and flexibility meet to empower students and schools alike.


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