A Message from our Superintendent

A Message from our High School Principal

Introduction to Britestar


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Dr. Paul Steinberg- Executive Director of Chaplains in Schools


Britestar supplies teachers with a Jesus world view: that makes all the difference in education. That changes a child, a family, a community and the world. At Fairview Lutheran Church, we simply wouldn’t have a school if it wasn’t for our partnership with Britestar. Our partnership with Britestar gives us so many blessings. One of them is just a financial blessing that we end up having more money to dedicate to ministries, towards our local food pantry, towards paying our ministry staff. It’s a perfect partnership, more people in the world need to experience.

Shining Star Christian Schools Partnership


At Shining Star, just like many schools and districts nationwide, we’ve been impacted by the growing teacher shortage. Every year it seemed like we were hiring more and more new teachers. What was our solution? Britestar. Their partnership has given us access to qualified teachers who work closely with our staff, our scholars and our families to provide a high quality Christian education. Britestar. Our solution to the American teacher shortage.

Partner With Us

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