Christian School Virtual Enrollment Program

At Britestar, we are committed to ensuring that every student has access to high-quality Christian Education.

Christian School Virtual Enrollment Program

Through our Virtual Enrollment Program, schools can extend their reach into their communities with an alternative to traditional classroom settings. Whether you’re managing a waiting list or catering to students who thrive in virtual learning environments at home, our partnership is designed to support you in expanding your educational reach and fulfilling your mission.

Why should a school offer an online campus?

There are families seeking alternatives to traditional education with very limited options for a live virtual Christian school education. Having an excellent virtual remote learning/online Christian education platform may boost outreach efforts, increase financial stability, and amplify the mission of your school to more families.

Retain students on waiting lists

Partnering with Britestar gives your school access to our live virtual classrooms, allowing you to retain students on your waiting list through our Virtual Enrollment Program. Your school hires Britestar to administer and facilitate this turnkey online program. One remarkable benefit of this program is the seamless transition of an online student to a physical seat in your classroom when one becomes available.

Increase participation in sports and extracurricular programs

Students enrolled in your virtual program through Britestar can actively participate in your school’s sports programs and extracurricular activities. This opportunity extends to students who thrive in home-based learning environments, offering them a chance to engage fully in your school’s diverse programs.

How does it work?

Upon partnering with Britestar, your school gains access to our live online classrooms. Our dedicated enrollment team collaborates closely with your institution to facilitate successful student enrollment. Our academic team, comprised of experienced principals and live virtual teachers, takes charge of all academic aspects and collaborates with your leadership to ensure every student receives an exceptional learning experience.

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Program Details

Here are our program details where you will find essential information on course schedules, curriculum, and messages from academic leaders, offering a comprehensive overview of our virtual learning experience.

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