At Britestar Christian Virtual Education, we’re proud to offer a unique approach to microschooling that combines the flexibility of virtual learning with the personalized touch of local education.

Britestar’s Microschool Solution

With Britestar, you can rest assured that your students will receive 100% of their academic instruction from our virtual teachers, all of whom are dedicated Christians teaching from a Biblical worldview. Our emphasis on critical thinking skills ensures that students not only excel academically but also develop a deep understanding of their faith and the world around them.

Students in our micro school working on laptops


Enrolling students in your microschool has never been easier with Britestar’s dedicated Enrollment team by your side. From marketing strategies to student recruitment, our team will provide comprehensive support to help you grow and maintain a thriving educational community. Whether you’re launching a new microschool or expanding an existing one, Britestar is here to help you every step of the way.

Three students in our micro school environment


At Britestar, we understand that providing a high-quality education is paramount to the success of your microschool. That’s why our Academic team, including our experienced principals, will partner with you to ensure that your students receive the best possible education. Join the Britestar family today and experience the difference of a truly transformative microschooling experience.

A close up on one of our microschool graduate students in our micro school classroom setting

Cost Structure

At Britestar, we recognize the importance of affordability when choosing the best educational path for your students. That’s why we’re dedicated to offering accessible microschooling solutions. Our pricing structure is transparent: the total cost per student is $6,800, which includes a $2,300 per student Microschool Fee. This fee is reimbursed by Britestar, providing financial support for your microschool initiatives. Moreover, we’re actively involved in Arizona’s ESA (Empowerment Scholarship Account) program, enhancing flexibility and financial assistance options for families. Keep an eye out as we expand our involvement in similar programs nationwide, ensuring that Britestar’s transformative microschooling experience remains within reach for all families.

A close up of two microschool students in our micro school classroom setting

Program Details

Here are our program details where you will find essential information on course schedules, curriculum, and messages from academic leaders, offering a comprehensive overview of our virtual learning experience.

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