Seeking a high quality Christian teacher? Microschools is an excellent option for schools that serve diverse learning needs within one classroom setting or have teacher vacancies that a school cannot fill. Britestar Christian provides full-time teachers trained and ready to virtually instruct in a classroom at your school.Whether you have multiple grades in one classroom or diverse academic proficiencies among students, Britestar Christian Microschools allows one classroom aide to serve as a facilitator of a classroom learning environment while varying ages, grade levels, and competencies are taught by Britestar Virtual instructors. Students learn through Britestar’s rigorous individualized curriculum while maintaining the status of a student at your school and offering the social environment of the traditional school setting.

A day in the life

Why choose a Britestar Microschool Approach?

If you need a teacher, you are struggling with the many demands of multiple children at different grade levels, or you are overwhelmed with the cost, the planning, and the hours required, consider making a change. Simplify your life, and maximize educational experience by learning and growing in one room with multiple virtual teachers providing individual instruction. It turns out that admin work does not disappear when the admin subs in for a short staffed classroom. It also turns out it can be challenging to find a teacher who can prep for multiple grade levels/subject matters. Britestar Christian is ready to support the staffing needs of your school.

How does this work if the Britestar teachers are virtual but my students are in person?

Schools often hire a Teacher’s Aide for the multi-grade classroom to assist in the learning process and ensure strong classroom management. Britestar provides technology for each student in the classroom and multiple virtual instructors to meet the diverse needs.

How is Religion Taught?

Britestar provides Christian religious instruction for all online learners if so desired by the school and family. The school may provide its own religious instruction if desired and since students are already attending the brick and mortar building, a school is welcome to bring in a teacher during our Religion Class time period. Britestar is excited to share the gospel and a high-quality education.

A day in the life

Britestar provides full-time teachers trained and ready to serve students at your school with high-quality, online Christian education.

How is it Working?

At Fairview Lutheran Church in Milwaukee we have 22 students in grades 5th-8th learning in one classroom with an online instructor at each grade level. Each child participates in a Zoom lesson with their online instructor and grade level classmates. Instead of staffing two full time teachers across four grade levels, the school utilizes one aide plus online instruction for 22 students.

This allows parents flexibility if a family decides to move or go on an extended vacation, in which case their children continue to learn with an online instructor.

Parent Testimonial: “Thank you so much! You were a great help with this ‘new learning way.’ We’ve greatly appreciated your dedication to teaching and making sure the kids have everything they need. You have really exceeded my expectations for virtual learning.”

Example: 2 Classroom Vacancies

A school needs a teacher for 3rd grade and 4th grade. There are 14 students in each grade. The estimated cost for 2 full time teachers is $160,000.

Online instruction cost would total $98,000.

$62,000 savings could be used for additional in-person support.

Britestar teachers make regular communication with parents and admin concerning progress and benchmarks.

The total cost for a full-time online instructor is $3,950 per student. Payment plans and accommodations are worked out individually with each school. We really look forward to working with you!