Microschooling in Arizona: How Britestar Christian’s Unique Approach Serves Arizona Families

In 2022, the state of Arizona expanded its Empowerment Scholarship Account, or ESA. With that change, all Arizona families can access school choice and receive over […]

What is a microschool? Here’s what to know about microschooling

An increasingly popular option for education is a solution that’s not quite home school and not quite private school. Microschooling may have its origins in the […]

Innovative Answers to the Teacher Shortage in Wisconsin

In a record-setting year, 16% of public-school teachers left their classrooms in Wisconsin 2023. The origin of the teacher turnover situation and how it impacts an […]

Thanksgiving Letter from John P. Mattek

Dear Friends, Gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder. That is an accurate reflection of what I have experienced in year one with Britestar. Every day, I […]

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