Meet the Teachers

Welcome to our “Meet the Teachers” page, where you’ll get to know the heart and soul of our vibrant online virtual Christian community!

At Britestar, we’re proud to introduce you to our team of dedicated educators who are not only passionate about teaching but also deeply committed to their faith. Our Britestar teachers embody the values of our organization, teaching from a biblical worldview and fostering both academic excellence and spiritual growth in their students. Get ready to meet the inspiring individuals who are shaping the minds and hearts of the next generation with their unwavering dedication and Christian values.

Rachel Girardin


Amy Ross

K4 & K5

Johanna Atilano


Elisabeth Robinson

1st Grade

Emily Taylor

1st Grade

Lashonda Hines

1st & 2nd Grade

Karen Mattek

1st & 2nd Grade

Lauren Multhauf

2nd Grade

Monique Gittens

3rd Grade

Katherine Fink

3rd Grade

Erica Wilkes

3rd Grade

Janice Murchison

3rd & 4th Grade

Casey Parham

4th Grade

Clara Rogers

4th Grade

Kelsey Lawson

5th Grade

Charis Lindsey

5th Grade

Delicia Washington

5th & 6th Grade

Lynn Garrow

6th Grade

Monique Adams

7th Grade

Edyonna Williams

7th Grade

Anna Dowell

7th & 8th Grade

Aaron Hatcher

8th Grade

Kelly Alves

High School - English

Laura Beres

High School - Academic Advising

Jessica Duchin

High School - Social Studies

Greg Phillips

High School - Math

David Priebe

High School - Science

Taylor Bethard

Special Education Program Coordinator

Chaplain Mike Tracy

Religion Department

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