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Britestar Christian Virtual Education and Microschools

Britestar Christian Virtual Education partners with K-12th grade Choice and Charter schools to provide online learning options that will grow your school’s mission and reach more families with both the gospel and a high quality education.


The 2020 pandemic forced many schools to consider alternative formats to deliver high-quality instruction. As students returned to the brick and mortar buildings, there were still families seeking another option besides the surrounding failing schools and traditional education. A school network met this need by opening a separate online school campus. After a large digital marketing campaign, promoting both this new online campus and the existing brick and mortar buildings, the first partner school increased enrollment by 25% (during the pandemic) and the online school grew to 220 students in 1.5 years. Britestar Christian was formed to offer this online campus option to more schools and as the online campus expanded so did the opportunities for online teaching in other capacities. One brick and mortar school struggled in past years with enrollment and staffing so Britestar Christian created a microschool option to provide a virtual blended learning model which operated with an educational assistant in a multi-grade classroom while Britestar delivered high-quality virtual instruction for each student’s diverse learning needs. Teacher shortages are a challenge for many schools and with the onset of Britestar’s microschool option, quickly became an opportunity to fill the teacher shortage needs at any school in any classroom with a Britestar virtual teacher. Whether it is the beginning of the school year or a school finds itself with the challenge of an unforeseen vacancy, Britestar provides full-time teachers trained and ready to virtually instruct. Today, Britestar is excited to offer high-quality virtual Christian education options for more Choice and Charter schools.

Services provided by Britestar Christian

Britestar Christian offers two options for school partnership including: (1) Virtual Remote Learning and (2) Microschools. In both options, students enroll at your school while Britetar provides comprehensive Christian virtual education with fully credentialed teachers.

Our Mission:

To spread the gospel of Jesus Christ while providing high-quality virtual education and microschool options for K-12 education in Choice and Charter schools.

Your success is our mission.

Britestar Christian wants to partner with your brick and mortar school to grow your enrollment, spiritual outreach, academics, and your revenue stream. Britestar provides no cost solutions to schools. See Virtual Remote Learning or Microschools to learn more.

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Digital Marketing Campaign

If you plan to utilize a Virtual Remote Learning option, Britestar Christian begins that partnership with a large digital marketing campaign. After your approval of a script, Britestar will send a videography team to your school to capture your mission and produce a commercial. This is paired with static ads and print materials. The purpose is to recruit new families to both the brick and mortar building and your school’s new virtual campus provided by Britestar Christian. The first partner school went from 25 online students to 220 students in 1.5 years as a result of this marketing paired with the school’s results. While this is a collaborative marketing effort, Britestar does cover 100% of the cost for this campaign which totals between $10,000-$50,000 in the first year.


John Mattek serves as the Online President. John holds an MBA in Educational Leadership from MSOE and a Master of Divinity from Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary. He strives to cultivate educational equity by growing high-quality, faith-based schools where children can shine.

Britestar Christian virtual education logo and Christian education

Hannah Hensel serves as the Online Campus Superintendent. Hannah has an extensive depth and breadth of experience and knowledge in instructional technology. She holds an MBA in High Performance Instruction from Wisconsin Lutheran College. She has previously served as the Program Director for the Center for Urban Teaching and has teaching and leadership experience that spans all grade levels.

Britestar Christian virtual education logo and Christian education

Ya-Ting Yang serves as the Director of Technology for the online campus. Ya-Ting graduated from Columbia University Teachers College with an MA in Instructional Technology and Media. She has great experience creating and facilitating personalized learning experiences for students with diverse backgrounds as an English teacher for Isoapple in New Jersey.

Britestar Christian virtual education logo and Christian education