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Britestar Christian Virtual Education and Microschools is here to support your individual school’s online learning needs. We are a turnkey online education platform that is ready to support and grow your school’s mission. We are excited to work together to share the good news of Jesus Christ while offering a quality online Christian education.

Britestar’s Online Christian Education Solutions

Britestar Christian Virtual Education provides online Christian education solutions in three different ways. Britestar’s solutions are for (1) schools that have a waitlist, by providing an online campus so your mission continues to grow beyond the fours walls of a classroom, (2) schools that have a teacher shortage, by providing microschool options where Britestar teachers virtually instruct a classroom of students in your brick and mortar building, or (3) provide a microschool for a small group of students wanting to get together at any location. The microschool solution is great for someone who wants to launch a school but needs a beginning step before purchasing a large facility while building enrollment and your brand.

Britestar currently provides online Christian education support to the following schools across the country.

Shining Star Christian Schools
Mount Calvary Lutheran School
Milwaukee Lutheran High School

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