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Our Mission: Share Jesus. Shape Lives. Develop Leaders. We are committed to expanding excellence into a technology-rich learning environment. Dedicated, certified teachers develop individualized learning plans for all our students.

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Milwaukee Lutheran High School Virtual Campus is now accepting student applications for grades 9th-10th.

Please click the “enroll now” button to get started. We can’t wait for you to join our online campus as part of the Red Knight family!

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We are here for you! Once enrolled your student will receive all of the technology needed to be successful at home, plus support from our team. Families are eligible for a $2,000 stipend (per child) to support an adult presence and ensure academic success.


In addition to offering math, language arts, science, and history courses to our high school students, Milwaukee Lutheran High School Virtual Campus also offers electives and opportunities to pursue passions beyond the core content areas.

Faith Based Curriculum

We believe that family and church are the two most important entities in a child’s spiritual upbringing. Our desire is for students to hear God’s Word daily while receiving a high-quality education.

Extra Curriculars

Attend online courses and participate in the arts and athletics.

Art Athletics

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Why choose MLHS Virtual Campus?

Flexible Learning Schedule

Option to participate in Red Knight athletics, the arts, and more

Take academically advanced and college preparatory classes

Individualized support with learning challenges

Safe and supportive learning environment

Faith Based Curriculum


John Mattek serves as the Online President. John holds an MBA in Educational Leadership from MSOE and a Master of Divinity from Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary. He strives to cultivate educational equity by growing high-quality, faith-based schools where children can shine.

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Hannah Hensel serves as the Online Campus Superintendent. Hannah has an extensive depth and breadth of experience and knowledge in instructional technology. She holds an MBA in High Performance Instruction from Wisconsin Lutheran College. She has previously served as the Program Director for the Center for Urban Teaching and has teaching and leadership experience that spans all grade levels.

Britestar Christian virtual education logo and Christian education

Ya-Ting Yang serves as the Director of Technology for the online campus. Ya-Ting graduated from Columbia University Teachers College with an MA in Instructional Technology and Media. She has great experience creating and facilitating personalized learning experiences for students with diverse backgrounds as an English teacher for Isoapple in New Jersey.

Britestar Christian virtual education logo and Christian education
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